Green Policy.

Here at Salmon Leap Farm we are committed to providing the best possible service to our guests while at the same time minimising the impact our business activities have on the environment.  We know that these actions will help in a small way to preserve the local valley and the south Kerry region for visitors and residents.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about our green initiatives and you may have suggestions that could help us improve our policy.


At Salmon Leap Farm we  :-

Aim to provide the best possible service to our guests while at the same time we encourage our other visitors – the pipistrelle bats to continuously test the air quality in this valley by their very presence in our outbuildings.

Aims achievable through:- 

We use our own herbs for our breakfast menu and all our food comes from county Cork or Kerry.  (These herbs taste good whether you have an interest in the environment or not.) 

The protection of heritage site and wildlife area on property. ( Heritage and wildlife on our property are for all our guests to enjoy wherther you are an green enthusiast or not)

The pipistrelle bat  is protected  in our out-buildings. ( Bats will not ask whether you are green minded or not but they are particular about where they live.)

Waste recycling e.g. glass, cans and plastic. (Recycling is done in the background but you have two bins in your room – recycle or non recycle.)

Water Harvesting / UV treatment system. (Our water comes from the local mountains so we can show our eco and non eco guests that water just doesn’t come from the tap.)

Solar panels to help heat water. (Solar panels are used to help heat the water along with oil. Solar heating does not mean cold water when the sun doesn’t shine.)

Eco friendly cleaning/laundry products. (Guests get the benefit of less harmful chemicals whether they are eco friendly or not.)

Eco friendly soaps and shampoo. (Because you are worth it.)

Towel policy (we wash towels left in shower).  (This policy does not mean wet towels each day for you. Fresh towels are provided each day if needs be – even for the bravest eco warrior.)

Cfl light bulbs replacing halogen bulbs (ongoing). (Halogen not available anymore so some of our old halogen bulbs have become tourist attractions for the eco guest. Non eco friendly guests should not look at the light under any circumstances.)

Green electricity supplier (Airtricity). (This is not a hamster running around on a wheel to generate electricity. Our electricity supplier has the highest percentage of electricity generation from renewables and all our guests can have some whether you are green minded or not.)

Aerated waste water treatment system/composting. (No guest has yet asked to see our waste water treatment system but you could be the first.)

Eco ball laundry wash and air-dried laundry. (This is the stuff of dreams – watch you laundry dry in the rain – watching paint dry is a pale second.)

Reduced toilet flush. (Eco friendly guests are so amazed they flush many times to see this in action but non eco guests just flush once – go figure.)

Bulk purchase of soap/shampoo (refill containers). (This measure is our least interesting initiative. We doubt if the most eco of our guests will use this as the main reason to stay at Salmon Leap Farm.)

We support local environment, services and suppliers by the following actions:-

Fair-trade tea and coffee. (Tastes so much better that some of our recent guests had both tea and coffee at the same time – these eco people are so demanding.)

Local produce for your breakfast menu. (Less preservatives and chemicals – non eco guests need not pay extra for this benefit.)

Advice on local walking routes/cycle tours. (We give slightly more advice to the eco friendly guest – so the non eco guest can relax and enjoy their holiday.)

We organise and help with local “Adopt a Road” litter clean up periodically. (We have thought about asking our guest to help us collect litter with real Irish people but we felt this may be going too far. You can meet real Irish people in other less strenuous ways.)


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